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Martlesham Heath Pavilion

Scroll down for important information about opening dates and conditions

The Pavilion aims to provide affordable, good quality and well-managed community meeting facilities.

The main hall is air-conditioned with audio-visual facilities, tables and chairs and a small kitchen area. You can view the interior here. Attached to the main hall are sports changing facilities, which may be hired separately. A small public play area is adjacent.

We accept bookings from Regular Users for clubs and other community-based activities, and Casual bookings for private children's parties, meetings and similar one-off events.

If you would like to make a regular booking e.g. for a club, class or interest group, please check out the information below and then contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make the necessary arrangements.

For one-off casual bookings please read the information below and request a booking via the online diary (see Booking Online).

Just click on each category below to see the relevant information. 


The Pavilion is open for both regular and casual hire, under Covid-secure guidance, with an advisory capacity limit of 30 persons (excluding children under 5)

Please also see special Covid hiring conditions and risk assessment under Booking Forms and information below.

There will continue to be a one hour gap between bookings, to allow for cleaning of touch points, airing the room and to ensure users have all left before the next hirer arrives

** We are offering a 25% discount on hiring fees for bookings made to 30th September 2022 **



In 2021, new play equipment and surfacing was installed to replace most of the old pieces, which were no longer fit for purpose. It re-opened in October 2021. This refurbishment was generously funded by Martlesham Parish Council, the Pavilion Management Committee, East Suffolk District Councillor Edward Thompson, ex-Suffolk County Councillor Patricia O'Brien as well as donations made by Tesco at Martlesham and individuals via Just Giving. Thank you to all of you. The new equipment was provided and installed by Wicksteed Leisure.

To contact us with any questions concerning this project, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The play park has public access and is intended for children up to and including age 12.


How to Find Us

The Pavilion is located on the village green in the centre of Martlesham Heath, next to St Michael and All Angels church. The address is:

The Drift
Martlesham Heath

(Please note that there is no postal delivery to this address.) 

Access to Martlesham Heath is from one of two roundabouts on the A12 which lead to the village ring road, Eagle Way. Look for Valiant Road on your left, if coming from the northern roundabout (near Tesco), or on the right if approaching from the southern end - see MAP.

Turn right off Valiant Road in to The Drift. At the end of this road, there is a large car park on your left and the church on your right. Walk past the church to find the Pavilion just beyond it; the entrance is facing the village green.

There is also a small car park behind the church and the Pavilion for people with mobility difficulties or things to carry. Access to this is between the church and the Scout hut. (View on Google Streetview). For further information on accessibility, please see our Access Guide below.

General information and Facilities

Pavilion hiring times

The Pavilion is available for hire from 9am until 11pm, 7 days a week.


The Pavilion holds up to 60 people seated, 80 people seated and standing (e.g. at a buffet) or 100 people standing.

There are 60 chairs plus 14 folding tables - 7 large and 7 small tables.

Air conditioning/Heating

The floor in the main hall is carpeted and the room is temperature controlled. The heating level will be set up in advance according to the type of activity, for example it can be set warmer for sedentary activities such as yoga or cooler for physical activities such as karate. Please let theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if the temperature is not comfortable for your club's/group's activities.


The kitchen is fine for serving light refreshments, but it isn't suitable for much food preparation. There is a fridge (with a small freezer compartment), two kettles, an urn and a microwave; there is no oven.

There are about 30 cups and saucers, some small plates and cutlery. If you would like to use these, please wash them up and put them away before you leave.

Please remove all rubbish from the premises (do not leave it in external bins as crows pick the litter out).

Wi-Fi Access to the Internet

The Pavilion now has Broadband with a hot spot, which means users can access the internet via wifi. You don’t need a password.

Please note that the Pavilion does not have a TV licence. This means that you may NOT watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer in the Pavilion.

If you wish to watch TV programmes on your own mobile device, and you are covered by a licence at your home address, this is permitted as long as you are not plugged into the mains and are not using any Pavilion equipment.

Multi-media equipment and induction loop

There is a sound system to amplify music. Any device that has a 3.5mm stereo jack as an audio output can be used with our system. An induction loop is available for the hard of hearing. There is also a ceiling projector and drop-down wall screen. To connect a laptop to the projector, please bring an HDMI or VGA cable - the sockets are in the glass cabinet. There is a full instruction manual in the cabinet - please study the instructions, especially if using the projector, to avoid accidental damage.

Hiring pre-school toys

Toys are hired directly from the Martlesham Heath Baby & Toddler Group, not the Pavilion. Please email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. Their Facebook page is here.

Changing facilities

The changing room is suitable only as a single sex facility for people playing sport on the Green. It has a separate external door and can be hired separately from the main hall. It is used by a youth football club on Saturdays in the winter season, but it is currently available for hire at other times in the winter and is fully available during the summer months for suitable activities, e.g. by a cricket club.

Play park

There is a small fenced-in play area with equipment suitable for children up to and including age 12. Older children may only enter this area while accompanying children within this age group. Please don't walk on the coloured safety surfacing in footwear which may damage it (e.g. high heels, football studs).

Please note that the play park has public access, so it is not for the exclusive use of people hiring the Pavilion.

Access Guide

Introduction – Venue situation

The Pavilion (a black weather boarded, single storey building) is situated overlooking the Village Green in an area called The Drift - post code IP5 3PL and is approached by road by exiting Eagle Way (the main ring road for Martlesham Heath) onto Valiant Road and then further turning off this road into a ‘free of charge’ car parking area providing very close vehicular access.

A small car park is situated directly behind the Pavilion building, to one side of St Michael’s Church and adjacent to the play area at the rear of the Pavilion. Once parked, users can proceed from the carpark via a dropped kerb and short paved pathway running between the Pavilion and the Church towards the front of the Pavilion. A permanent ramp (with a gradual incline and handrails on either side) runs along the front of the Pavilion towards its front door.

Wheelchair Users

- Outside Access as described above – there is a dropped kerb between the parking area and the paved path leading to the entrance (overlooking the Green) which connects with the permanent concrete ramp with handrails on either side leading up to the exterior door (width 900mm) of the Pavilion.
- Inside Access there is level access to all areas within the Pavilion and lighting levels are bright.

Accessible Unisex Toilet

This is immediately to the right of the main entrance door as you enter the Pavilion.

Features and Dimensions

- No key is required; the dimensions of the room are 2200mm x 1500mm
- Baby Change facilities are also available within this room
- No disposal facilities – soiled nappies, wipes, etc. must be removed at the end of each hiring.

Additional Information

- Wipe-clean chairs are available within the Main Hall.
- A loop Hearing Aid system is available.
- Guide or Assistance Dogs are welcome.
- A wall mounted First Aid Kit is situated within the kitchen area to the left of the door.

Fire Alarms and Exits

- Emergency Lighting is activated in all areas in the event of a power cut.
- All 3 fire exits are clearly marked and lit and there is one in the main hall and one in the entrance hall that can be used by a wheelchair user to exit the building.

Permissible Activities

What type of activities may/may not be held in the Pavilion?

The Pavilion is suitable for children's parties, adult education, clubs, meetings, exercise classes, etc.

Parties for children of any age must be supervised by responsible adults. Please note that we do not accept bookings for parties for older teenagers, 18th or 21st birthdays.

The Pavilion is not a suitable venue for adult parties, but exceptions may be made e.g. for family get-togethers of mixed ages or a club's social event. Please give as much information as possible to the Booking Secretary about the nature of your event and the age groups of people attending. Our lease does not permit the storage, sale or supply of alcohol, whether cosumed on or off the premises.

Watching TV

The Pavilion does not have a TV licence. This means that you may NOT watch or record live TV programmes on any channel or device or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer in the Pavilion.

If you wish to watch TV programmes on your own mobile device, and you are covered by a licence at your home address, this is permitted as long as you are not plugged into the mains and are not using any Pavilion equipment.

Playing music

Discos are permitted for under-12s only, and must be finished by 9pm. Any other musical events must be low-volume in order not to disturb nearby residents. Please provide a description of the type of music you wish to play and how it will be provided, e.g. live music, disco with DJ, played through the Pavilion's or other sound system, etc.

No alcohol

The storage, sale or supply of alcohol is not permitted due to the terms of our lease, whether consumed on or off the premises.

Book Here

How to book

All hirers are deemed to have read and agreed to abide by the Pavilion's Hiring Conditions and any special conditions e.g. relating to Covid-19 (see list of documents at the bottom of the page). Please also read the Hirer's Responsibilities below.

Click here to check availability and make an online booking request: BOOK HERE

Please note:

- Please ensure you book enough time to set up and clear away before and after your activity. If you need more time than you have allowed, please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to see if it’s possible to extend your booking. You will not be able to set up the hall the day before your event.

- Your booking cannot be confirmed or guaranteed until the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.has received your payment and contacted you to confirm the booking (See Payments ).

- It will save time if you can mention any special requests or information about your activity e.g. if you wish to play music or hold a family party (see Permissible Activities ).

- We normally only accept casual bookings up to 6 months in advance. If your booking date is further ahead, please email your requirements to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before making an online request.

- If you wish to make a regular booking, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- If you are unable to use the online booking system for a casual booking, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Collecting the keys

The Booking Secretary will contact you a week or so before your booking so that you can collect the keys. Please return the keys through the Booking Secretary's letterbox.


Hiring rates

The standard hiring rate is £8.40/hour (from 1st September 2019).

The minimum hiring time for children's parties is 4 hours. Thus a children's party booking will cost £33.60. There is no minimum hiring time for other activities, so please book the total time you need to be in the hall (including set-up and clear-up times) to the nearest quarter hour.

At the Pavilion Management Committee's discretion, a discounted rate may be offered to some regular users, e.g. classes or activities run by people in the local community on a non-commercial basis. The Booking Secretary will advise which rate is applicable.

When to pay

Casual Users: Once your online booking request has been received, the Booking Secretary will send you a Hiring Agreement with details about how to pay and the amount due. Payment is required within 7 days. Your booking cannot be confirmed until payment has been received and your slot may be released to someone else if payment is delayed without prior agreement. Payment by cheque is preferred - please send this to the Booking Secretary with the deposit cheque (see below).

Regular Users: You will be invoiced quarterly in arrears. Bank transfers are the preferred method of payment, but cheques are fine too. Cash payments may only be made by prior arrangement with the treasurer. Please pay promptly. Persistent late payers may be charged with a penalty payment to cover admin costs - please see our Payment Policy below.

A £50 deposit is payable

A deposit of £50 is required for all casual bookings. This will be used to pay for any damage or extra cleaning required, although please note that liability for these is not limited to £50.

Deposit cheques are not normally returned to hirers. They are shredded after inspection of the premises. If you wish your deposit cheque to be returned to you, please add an extra £1.00 to your hiring fee to cover the cost (please don't add this to the deposit cheque). Please allow up to 3 weeks for return of deposit cheques.

Hirers will normally be notified within 7 days if any part of the deposit is to be retained for extra cleaning or damage.


Your booking fee will be refunded if you give at least one week's notice, but please advise the Booking Secretary as soon as you know, so that the hall can be re-let if possible. In cases of extreme weather or other unforeseen matters outside your control, a refund for a last-minute cancellation may be made at the Management Committee's discretion.

Hirer's Responsibilities

Hiring responsibilities and restrictions

Full details concerning hirings are set out in the Conditions of Hire. Some of the restrictions, which hirers need to be aware of, include but are not limited to:

1. No car parking on The Green

2. Children and vulnerable adults to be supervised by authorised responsible adults

3. Furniture and other items must not be removed from the premises

4. No animals (except guide dogs) allowed on the premises without prior permission

5. Do not attach Blu-tack (or similar), sticky tape, drawing pins or anything else to the walls - hooks for balloons are provided

6. No play sand, glitter products, fireworks or chewing gum to be used

7. Adequate protection to the furniture and flooring must be provided for messy activities

8. Stiletto heels, cricket spikes and football studs must not be worn inside the buildings or on the coloured safety surfaces in the play park.

9. All rubbish must be taken away and hirers are recommended to bring their own refuse bags for this purpose. Rubbish must not be left in outside waste bins as crows pick it out looking for food.

Recording accidents or other problems during hire

There is a book in the kitchen where you should note any accidents or problems. If the matter requires urgent attention, there is a phone number on the key fob and on the noticeboard that you can call.

Cleaning up at the end of each hire

Please ensure that the Pavilion is left as you would wish to find it! To keep hiring fees low, the Pavilion does not employ a cleaner every day so it is important that hirers clean up themselves at the end of each session.

Please make sure the kitchen and toilets are clean, and that you have removed litter from all the bins, including the toilet bins (please take it home - do not leave in outdoor bins). There is also a vacuum cleaner for your use. You may forfeit some of your deposit if extra cleaning has to be paid for.

Insurance Issues

You are required to have taken reasonable care. At all times, hirers must take all reasonable steps to:

- prevent or minimise damage or bodily injury

- protect the Pavilion’s premises and property

- exercise and use reasonable care in the selection and supervision of the hirer’s employees and volunteers acting on behalf of the hirer

- comply with all statutory and other obligations and regulations imposed by any authority

- ensure any defects in the Pavilion’s premises or property hired are made safe immediately they are identified or not used, and that such defects are reported as soon as possible to the Pavilion's Booking Secretary and noted in the Incident Book held in the kitchen area.

Our Hiring Conditions include this statement:

The Hirer shall indemnify and keep indemnified each member of the Pavilion Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) and the Pavilion’s employees, volunteers, agents and invitees against

a. The cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the premises including the curtilage thereof or the contents of the premises.

b. All claims in respect of damage or loss of property or injury to persons arising as a result of the use of the premises (including the storage of equipment) by the Hirer.


Hirers’ Public Liability Summary of Cover

The Pavilion’s insurance policy (currently provided by Norris and Fisher Insurance Brokers Ltd) includes public liability insurance available to charitable organisations, voluntary organisations, not-for-profit groups and individuals using the Pavilion’s premises when hired or loaned out to them.

In order to benefit from this cover, users of the Pavilion would need to comply with the following:

1. You are a charity or non-commercial organisation

2. You do not carry out any activities at venues other than the Pavilion

3. You do not make any profit from your meetings other than that reinvested back into the club or for charitable purposes

4. You do not have any paid employees

5. You do not carry out any excluded activities (see Extension Endorsement document below)

6. You meet in the Pavilion no more than 12 times per year.

Before deciding if this cover could apply to you, please study the two documents below, especially the requirements listed in the Summary of Cover and the list of what is and is not covered in the Public Liability Extension Endorsement and any special requirements you will need to comply with.

The Hirers’ Summary of Cover

Hirers’ Public Liability Extension Endorsement 



An activity which is permitted for insurance cover may not necessarily be permitted by the Pavilion’s Hiring Conditions e.g. the use of bouncy castles, so please do check these conditions before arranging your activities.

Please note that the Pavilion Management Committee, its members and staff cannot advise you about insurance matters and will not be liable for any decisions you make regarding insurance cover. It is up to you to ensure you have adequate cover for the activities you intend to undertake and that you are eligible for the Hirers’ Liability Insurance offered via the Pavilion’s insurance policy if you choose to rely on this.

Acceptance of any payment does not mean we have checked that your group/activity is eligible under the terms of this policy.


If you wish to make use of the Pavilion’s Hirers’ Liability Insurance, you must indicate this in writing on your Hiring Agreement. There will be a nominal fee, as shown below:

Casual users – £1 per booking – paid in advance

Regular users - £1 per invoice period – paid in arrears

If you have previously requested insurance cover, but no longer require it, please advise the booking secretary IN WRITING, BEFORE your booking takes place. Regular users, who are invoiced in arrears, must let the booking secretary know before your first meeting in a new invoice period, otherwise you will be charged.


If you have any questions about the terms of the Hirers’ Liability Insurance offered by the Pavilion’s insurance policy (not the £1 charge), please contact:

Norris and Fisher (Insurance Brokers) Ltd

34a Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 5SS

Tel: 023 8026 9009


Please do NOT ask the booking secretary about insurance matters as she is not qualified to give this advice or information.

Ownership and Management of Martlesham Heath Pavilion

The Pavilion was built during 1979 using volunteer labour from the Village. The idea for The Pavilion came from the Heath Social Club which organised the fund raising. Paul Firman (since awarded an MBE for his many contributions to the community) was the project manager. The adjoining Harry Higgins play park was added a short time later following further fund raising.

The play park was completely refurbished in 2021 by a new team, with funds provided by the Pavilion, Martlesham Parish Council, local councillors and individual donations. Martlesham Parish Council carries out maintenance and regular safety inspections.

The land and building are leased from Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd.

The Pavilion Management Committee comprises:

- members of the local community
- representatives of some of the groups who regularly hire the Pavilion
- representatives of Martlesham Parish Council and Martlesham Heath Householders Ltd.

All of the above are unpaid volunteers. Apart from those acting as representatives, members of the Committee are either elected at an AGM (usually held Nov/Dec time) or co-opted.

The Committee is ably assisted by our Booking Secretary, who is employed for a few hours a month to take bookings and hand out keys to hirers. Contact details for key members of the Committee and the Booking Secretary are below.

In order to keep costs down, the Pavilion is only cleaned twice a week, so hirers are expected to leave the premises clean and tidy, as they would wish to find it.

Martlesham Heath Pavilion is a registered charity (registered number 1069469) and some of the Management Committee members are its trustees. Here is a copy of the Pavilion's Constitution . Further details, including the charity's financial history, can be found on the Charity Commission website.


Please note that the play park has public access so is not for the exclusive use of people hiring the Pavilion.

Contact Us

The Booking Secretary aims to return emails and phone messages within 2 working days. The other roles are fulfilled by volunteers who will get back to you as soon as possible. There is a contact list in the Pavilion should urgent assistance be required.

Booking Secretary/Bookkeeper

Bea Francis    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    07732 199712
  Email communication preferred
where possible please.

Maintenance Manager

Rob Webb    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    07860 243625


Aldwyn Jones    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Mike Farahar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Please send payments with booking details and collect/deliver keys to the Booking Secretary at:

3 Hunters Ride, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3SQ.



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