First of all thanks to everyone who brought food to share at the last work day of the year. It was nice to have time for a chat and exchange Christmas greetings.

You may have noticed that trees have started to be felled in the woods. The reason for this is that the trees were planted too close together in lines as a plantation. However they have not been thinned out over the years as they should have been so are now too close and rather than growing healthy and strong they are short of space and so becoming spindly and prone to blowing over in the wind. The group has been granted permission to carry out these works under the Tree Preservation Order which is on the woods. Where possible the trees to be removed are the "stonkers" - that is a lovely name for trees with defects.

In addition, the group has been granted permission to gradually remove all the trees from the two Bronze Age tumuli over the next few years. This is needed so that the roots do not damage these ancient monuments, and the result will be the creation of two additional lovely open grassy glades.